Tourné le 13 août 2023 • Lövestad, Skåne
Dearest Sister is the project of Andrea Hatanmaa that I had already met and filmed in 2015 with Feivel, and Ylva Almcrantz. Both of them launched this project which I really liked. A melodic pop style with a touch of jazz, and refined production.

We were able to meet last August where Ylva lives in Lövestad outside Malmö. A really beautiful big and old house where the duo settled in the main room for the song "Pretending". A superb song with a powerful and truly impressive performance from Andrea.  


Dearest Sister

Dearest Sister est un duo pop indépendant basé à Malmö.

Composé d'Andrea Hatanmaa et Ylva Almcrantz et accompagné par Liam Amner, Joakim Lissmyr et Ellen Pettersson, cinq personnes dont la formation musicale en jazz leur permet de créer un style unique.

Dès 2022, le groupe a lancé ses premiers morceaux au sein de leur album "Collective Heart".