Tourné le 9 septembre 2022 • Fasching, Stockholm
Already beeing a fan of the band Tiger and the voice of its singer Daniella Binyamin, it was with great pleasure that I filmed this session with her to present her solo project, which started simultaneously in 2022, with her first single "Grand Hotel".
It was by isolating herself in her mother's house, in the middle of the forest, that she was able to give birth to her first compositions in English, with nothing but an old piano and silence. She then quickly followed up with the songs "Toothpaste Kisses" and "Out of Fuel".

Armed with her faithful powerful voice, but full of nuance and sensitivity, Daniella offers us elaborate songs that reflect her personality and artistic perspectives more closely than ever.

It was alone with a piano at Fasching that I had the chance to met her for this beautiful acoustic session, all in intimacy, where she ensures all the emotion of her texts without even needing additional musicians.

Daniella Binyamin

Daniella Binyamin est une auteure-compositrice-interprète basée à Stockholm, mais prenant ses racines dans les campagnes suédoises et le Moyen-Orient.

D’abord chanteuse du groupe Tiger, elle tient aussi simultanément un projet solo avec des compositions en anglais.

Sa musique est à la fois puissante et fragile, mettant l'accent sur sa voix et sa narration délicates et présentes. La musique peut être à la fois triste ou édifiante, lente ou énergique, mais il y a toujours un sentiment de mélancolie.

Elle a sorti en 2022 trois premiers singles pour un album prévu début 2023.