Paulina Palmgren - Paradiset Och Jorden

Chronique : Antoine Morin

We had to be patient in order to see a new full-length album from Paulina Palmgren. The excellent singer-songwriter from Uppsala had released her debut album Any Day Now in 2015, but has since evolved considerably through her various releases, notably her two-part EP in 2018 called På Randen. Known for her graceful voice and her fine compositions, she arouses a rather nested interest on the Swedish scene, but there is no doubt that this new release of an ever increasing quality will allow her to attract many new dedicated fans of her texts and sounds.

Speaking of this new album, it has eleven tracks and lasts about forty minutes, thus offering a complete incursion into the artist's creative process. Published on the Birds Records label, it is a proud indie pop opus that gives way to a fascinating sound exploration, especially on the vocal level. From the energy of "Allt Som Ta Dig Ner På Jorden" to the contemplative atmosphere of "Mulen Majhimmel" or the sweet melancholy of "Allt Som Borde Runnit Över", each new track gives us a new reason to listen to the album again and enjoy it even more. It will be all the more interesting to be able to hear these songs live, which hopefully will soon be possible! All in all, this is an album that we recommend without hesitation!

Paulina Palmgren

Étant chanteuse du groupe La Lusid, Paulina Palmgren a également un projet solo sous son propre nom.

Provenant d’Uppsala et de style pop, elle est elle aussi signée à Birds Records, tout comme son groupe.

Active depuis 2015, c’est d’ailleurs cette année-là qu’elle a publié son premier album Any Day Now, suivi par deux nouveaux EPs en 2018 : deux chapitres nommés På randen 1 et 2.

Novembre 2020 sort l'album Paradiset Och Jorden. 

La Lusid