Maple & Rye - For Everything

Article : Antoine Morin

It was our favorite discovery of the year 2019, and we met the band in Göteborg last summer for a great session. They are finally releasing their first album!

Since 2016, the band Maple & Rye has offered us a series of particularly interesting singles that always made us hungry for what was to come. After a first EP in 2017 entitled Nothing Poetic, the Göteborg-based quartet now give us, in 2020, their first full-length album called For Everything. Composed of brothers Leo (guitar and vocals) and Milton Lönnroth (bass and vocals), Henrik Bielsten (percussion) and Gustav Rybo-Molin (guitar and vocals), the band plays a rhythmic pop style strongly inspired by American folk music, under the label Icons Creating Evil Art.

In short, the album contains ten songs that sound very similar and form a nice coherent whole. Dominated by the voice, harmonies and pronounced rhythms, Maple & Rye offers us a pleasant ballad through their bittersweet musical universe ; the perfect soundtrack. The album is also strongly enhanced thanks to its impeccable production, offering a surprising instrumental variety, notably with piano and brass. Without pushing the limits of popular music, Maple & Rye is taking part of a greatly fashionable genre managing to deliver pretty well with For Everything, and will be a band that will surely go far!

Maple & Rye

Formé par Gustav Rybo-Molin et Leo Lönnroth puis rejoin par Milton Lönnroth et Henrik Bielsten, Maple & Rye est un groupe de pop indépendante largement inspirée de la scène folk, notamment pour leurs harmonies vocales précises.

Leur inspiration musicale est tirée d'une large palette allant du blues et du funk au rock et à la folk-pop, bien que les principales influences soient la vie émotionnelle des membres.

Basé à Göteborg, le voyage musical du groupe a commencé en 2016 avec la sortie de leur premier single “Lost”. En 2017 sort leur premier EP “Nothing Poetic” qui a été fort bien accueilli par le public et les critiques.

En Mai 2020 sort leur premier album “For Everything".