Article : Antoine Morin

Here is a band that still isn’t very well-known but that sure deserves to be heard much more, especially with this first studio album tainted with a melancholy that strikes the imagination. That band is called Honungsvägen, a trio originating from Umeå that has quickly become a personal favorite. Playing a folk and pop genre with dark yet richly colored sonorities, drummer Daniel Berglund, guitarist Henrik Oja, and lead singer Christina Karlsson fascinate with their creativity. Published under the Despotz Records label, the album is a piece of work that is typical to the Nordic latitudes of Umeå, and that also features a frankly superb artwork on the cover.

Debuting with the excellent song “Inga skor”, we are immediately greeted by the great presence of Christina Karlsson’s incomparable crystalline voice. With a variety of rhythms, but always sad and hesitant chord progressions, I would personally compare their compositions to fellow band Holy Now, but this time as the ideal soundtrack for a winter that never wants to leave. This is specifically remarkable, among others, in the tracks “Reservationer” and the haunting “Kalla mig för Satan”, two precious that should undoubtedly have an echo in the upcoming live performances. To conclude, this eponymous album is one strong start for the Honungsvägen trio that will gain enormously with an increasing popularity that shouldn’t come in too much time. It is one you cannot miss!



Provenant du nord de la Suède, dans la ville d’Umeå, Honungsvägen est un trio mettant en vedette la voix de Christina Karlsson, la guitare d’Henrik Oja et la batterie de Daniel Berglund.

D’un style plus pop-rock, le groupe chante exclusivement en suédois et offre un son mélancolique et rêveur dans leur tout premier album nommé de façon éponyme, sorti il y a très peu de temps, en 2019.

N’ayant sorti que deux singles en 2018 avant cet album en 2019, ce fascinant groupe en est un à surveiller étroitement.