FNY is an electro-pop / R'n'B artist who, through her very personal and heartfelt lyrics in swedish, expresses her thoughts on sexual freedom, acceptance and how to get out of a role you’ve been giving based on your gender.

She started with a pop project in English called Nuoli, then began to write in Swedish just a year ago in order to open up and share her own stories with an extreme intimacy.
Her first EP "4 april till 3 juni" was written during this period following a break up with her boyfriend, and the revelation of her attraction to girls.
A very personal album, which is about the break up with the song "Ingenting", the beginning of a new relationship with a girl and the feeling of being in love with someone at a distance in the track "Ett Steg Fram" and a raw and explicit song about lesbian sex in the song "Duktig".

She releases today her new single : "SILVANA".
"It’s a pretty sad love song about falling for a friend of yours, telling the person about your feelings and then being neglected. I’m really nervous about releasing that song because it’s super private, which I think is the best thing about it as well, but for my private life it feels a bit weird to lay it all out there. But it feels like it’s supposed to be an emotional rollercoaster whenever you release new material, it’s an intimate process.. ”

Although we can't understand the lyrics without a translation, we really feel the genuineness of F.N.Y songs with a good electro sound as we like it.
An artist compared to Veronica Maggio, we wish her the same success!


F.N.Y est le projet de la productrice et auteure-compositrice Fanny Hultman.

Elle œuvre auparavant en anglais sous le nom de Nuoli, et sort son premier EP en suédois "4april till 3juni" en juin 2016.

F.N.Y écrit des paroles intimes et sincères dans un style musical électro-pop / R’n’B.