Brödet - Darling

Article : Antoine Morin

Here is a band that succeeds to capture its audience: Brödet returns with an EP named "Darling", released last March. The quintet made up of Stella Cartriers, Jonas Thunberg, Carl Christian Holmberg, Erik Holmberg, Otto Reimers and Maximilian Wiking Kern released their second batch of songs, under the Naiv Recordings label. Based in Stockholm, the band has also had several gigs in Europe with their certainly unique sound.

With a style they like to qualify as trip-pop, which suggests a combination of downtempo electronic music and pop, their EP holds six songs, making it almost a full-length album. The tracks are finely built around a rather contemplative structure, dominated by Stella Cartrier’s voice. We could compare their sonority to another well-known Swedish band: Amason, but Brödet incorporates more electronic elements, which allows them to further push the instrumental diversity of their work. An excellent discovery!


Brödet est un groupe suédois de trip-pop au style électro avec de fortes influences post-disco et shoegaze.

Mélangeant un tempo plus sombre avec des airs plus dansants, leur son est comparé au début de Massive Attack et au dernier Fleetwood Mac.

Le groupe se compose des membres fondateurs Stella Cartriers et Carl Christian Holmberg, qui ont ensuite été rejoints par Jonas Thunberg, Erik Holmberg, Otto Reimers et Maximilian Wiking Kern.